RUPCO was looking for a way to communicate its impressive statistics in a powerful statement. On two occasions to date, we have created colorful and engaging infographics to engage stakeholders to embrace the impact that this successful organization has on its surrounding communities.

The first project, with general RUPCO statistics, was created first as an 8.5×11 handout, also to be used potentially in other publications. It was also converted to a 2-sided bookmark – for easy distribution.

The second project was created for a specific Legislative presentation. The graphic was meant to substantiate the importance of CDBG funding by illustrating the various impact it has had, or can potentially have, within the Ulster County region.

  • Visually engaging illustrations of statistics
  • Adapted to bookmarks, annual report pages, handout sheets
  • Cohesive with overall branding

VIEW FULL SIZE PDF (2 projects)

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